The Best Grass/Maize Seed Mixtures

Downland Mixtures have been developed over many years to ensure top quality, highly productive swards capable of exceptional performance and offer the best complete package to farmers throughout the length and breadth of the UK.
The Best Advice
Downland Distributors are trained to offer you the best advice for your farm at all times. Their knowledge can help balance issues of yield, seasonal growth, forage quality, sward density, disease resistance and winter hardiness to ensure that you select the mixture best suited for your individual farm, enterprise and location.
The Best Products:

►Technical Excellence – mixtures formulated with only the best varieties
►All varieties recommended by UK testing authorities
►Triple Crown Forage Quality – only varieties with the best Feed, Field and Yield Performance receive this award – a sign of an exceptional variety
►Higher Voluntary Standard (HVS) – the highest standards of purity and germination for fast establishment and weed free swards
►Downland’s minimum germination guarantee of 90% means up to 14% more live seed in every bag (worth £10 per acre) than mixtures certified at UK minimum germination levels
►Innovation – research and development ensures that Downland mixtures lead the field with unique innovative products like Triple Crown, iSeed and the brand new Advanced Grasses™

The Best Value
The combination of the best products and the best advice from experienced Downland distributors who understand the economics of livestock farming at a local level, ensures that Downland Grass Seed Mixtures always deliver real value from top  performance swards. 

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