Taylor Farm Supplies (TFS)


We are very proud to support the best of British farming and thank all our amazing frontline workers and service personel during these incredibly difficult and challenging times.

For your peace of mind, we operate from a distribution warehouse (NO SHOP) and deliver in our own fleet of vehicles.
All staff strictly comply with the Government restrictions, including social distancing. PLEASE, therefore do not approach any of our vehicles when deliveries are made.
Thank you for your co-operation. - YOU CAN RELY ON TFS TO ACT RESPONSIBLY -

- Just call on the numbers below for immediate attention and often, same day FREE delivery!! 


Welcome to the Award Winning Taylor Farm Supplies.
TFS has won Franchise of the year and a Special Recognition award for Outstanding Performance at the recent Downland 40th Anniversary Conference, held in Dublin. We are a united team and we all feel so proud and privileged to have been recognised in this way.

We are an independent, family-owned business, servicing Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties, with a proud reputation for specialising in the very highest levels of advice, product recommendation and service. 

We are specialists in Animal Health and very proud to have been selected to join The Downland Group of Companies, a major force in the industry, offering an extensive and excellent product range at competitive prices. Urgent orders can often be delivered the same day & always free of charge.

"At Taylor Farm Supplies we make sure it's
the right product, at the right time, for the right job"


Taylor Farm Supplies has an excellent network of connections with major suppliers and their representatives. This added value means that accompanied on-farm visits, including detailed technical support can be arranged to assist you.

This website is for information onlyPlease telephone us for support and service. thank you.
We do not require thick, heavy catalogues, as these are expensive to produce (and who do you think pays for them?!) - We are just a telephone call away and have a huge selection of product ranges available for you. Our fantastic customers are constantly recommending us to new people, which speaks volumes!!

Please contact,
Holly Lockley, BSc Hons: 07468 567000 - Sales Specialist.
Pete Taylor: 07584 903312 - Business Owner.

Please feel free to contact Taylor Farm Supplies, we are always grateful to be given the opportunity to be of service.